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Charmed Technology

Los Angeles-based Charmed Technology is an MIT Media Lab spin-off and is poised to be a world leader in affordable, wearable Internet products, services and technologies. As part of its strategic business plan, the company has established strategic partnerships with companies such as Penton Media/IntemetWorld, Red Herring, MIT's Media Lab, the University of Rochester Center for Future Health, Motorola and others. With these partners, the company is working to develop miniaturized devices with Internet connection and powerful computer capabilities.

The Charmed Technology vision is to incorporate the unwired Internet into fashion, lifestyle and health applications by creating inexpensive wireless mobile devices that will allow individuals to access the World Wide Web anywhere and anytime through wireless technology. With enabling technologies already in place. Charmed Technology plans to completely penetrate the market, revolutionizing the way people interact with each other through wireless Internet communications.

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