Floating Globe


We just can't seem to get enough objects that are floating in midair, such as that floating clock and picture frame we've shown you here before. Now here's one that tops both of those, a stylized black Planet Earth, hanging out there in space just like it does in the actual cosmos.

The others seemed like toys with their magnets situated on the top and bottom, but this one floats freely with no visible means of support. Its swanky looking chrome-plated base is an invisible Atlas, holding up the 4-inch planet hovering a few inches above.

You can start the globe rotating, and it has such a small amount of resistance, the little planetoid will continue to rotate for a long time, but perhaps a little less than an eternity. Cover its base with a piece of paper, and your office mates will think you're conjuring up some serious magic. Its $137 price is a small tariff for such a miraculous occurrence

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