Lots of fruit and vegitables dont stop breast cancer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A diet extra heavy in fruit and vegetables was no better than one with the standard recommended amounts in preventing the recurrence of breast cancer, a study released on Tuesday found.

The study tracked 3,088 U.S. women. Half followed a diet with the widely recommended five daily servings of vegetables and fruit. The other half ate a diet doubling that intake.

Those who consumed twice the vegetables and fruit in a diet also high in fiber and low in fat were no less likely to avoid a recurrence of breast cancer or death than the women who followed the five-a-day diet.

The women, all of whom had been treated successfully for early-stage breast cancer, participated in the study from 1995 to 2000 at seven places in California, Texas, Arizona and Oregon. They were followed for between six and 11 years.

The findings, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, come amid a debate among experts over the influence of diet on cancer.

The researchers called this the largest study of its kind to assess how diet affects breast cancer recurrence and said the results were quite definitive.

"I was surprised and disappointed," Marcia Stefanick of Stanford University in California, one of the researchers, said in a telephone interview. "I think we believed that by eating real food and nutrient-dense food, we were going to come up with a different outcome, but we didn't."

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