Poison toothpaste alert for travellers

BAHRAIN consumers traveling abroad should avoid purchasing toothpaste made in China after the discovery of a harmful chemical, health officials said yesterday. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified some brands of toothpaste from China that have been found to contain a poisonous chemical called diethylene glycol (DEG), a central nervous system depressant and a liver and kidney toxin.

DEG is also known as diglycol or diglycol stearate and is one of the ingredients used in antifreeze and solvents.

"The Health Ministry does not permit the entry of such a product to Bahrain, but based on the decision by the FDA to recall some brands of toothpaste in China we advise people to stop using it," it said in a statement.

"They (the FDA) warned consumers to avoid using types of toothpaste labelled as Made in China, although FDA was not aware of any reports of poisoning from these toothpaste containing DEG. However, the agency is concerned about the potential risks from chronic exposure to DEG, particularly children and individuals with kidney or liver diseases.

"Therefore the ministry generally warns the public not to use any unknown product without the list of its ingredients and specific indications printed clearly on the outer and inner pack with known language."

Dent Fresh USA Inc is the latest company to recall its China made toothpaste over concerns it may contain DEG.

This follows recalls on toothpastes by several other companies last month due to similar fears. A list of toothpastes found to contain DEG can be found on the FDA website:


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