Surf the streets with the sideways bike

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This crazy contraption is Michaels Killian's Sideways Bike. Killian is a software engineer in Dublin, Ireland and he came up with the idea while tinkering in his shed. A complex multi-stage chain transmission takes care of driving the wheels, and steering is done by moving the front and back wheels independently. To stop the rider slipping off, a unicycle saddle is used.

Killian says that the back-to-front balance, combined with the drifting ability of the independent wheels "affords you tremendous grace and motion. It's dance-like. It's mesmerizing and entertaining."

He is in negotiation with a Taiwanese manufacturer and hopes to bring a model to market this year for £150 ($300), although for the English roads the seating position will have to be reversed. The current setup has the rider facing away from traffic. Keep reading to see a video of the bike in action.

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