The top five downloads from Sony and Microsoft

One of the nice things about E3 this year was that both Sony and Microsoft promised to bring a good amount of the content directly to users. Whether it was through the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, there is a metric ton of great content to watch and play from the show. What were our five favorite downloads?

Update: for the console-less or those at work, we've now added links so you can see the videos for yourself. Enjoy!

Little Big Planet: Create Trailer (PS3) (Gametrailers link)

Little Big Planet's catchphrase is Play, Create, Share, and this video focuses on the create aspect of the play. It shows the little guys using simple shapes and an easy editing tool to make stairs, see-saws, and even a tank. It looks simple, but the physics engine and graphics work together to bring the whole concept to life. Little Big Planet looks like a grand online experiment, and this footage makes you want to reach for a controller and jump right in.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer (PS3) (Gametrailers link)

Featuring one bad-ass fight sequence and some exposition, this trailer is enough to get the blood of any Metal Gear Solid fan burning in anticipation. While it doesn't have as much angst and pathos as past Metal Gear trailers, it's still a great watch. At E3, Hideo Kojima told us that this was going to be his last Metal Gear title. We've heard that before, but it certainly looks like he'll be going out with a bang, if that's his final decision. They showed this to us at the Sony press conference, at the Konami press conference, and it looks just as hardcore at home.

Ace Combat 6 demo (360)

So far Ace Combat 6 doesn't deviate much from the formula of the past games, but then again that should come as music to the fans of the series. The game looks absolutely astounding, and those of you with big displays and loud speakers may have just found a new showpiece title for your system. Things really pick up after the Nimbus launch; this could be one of those demos you find yourself playing again and again. I'm in, and I want the Hori flight stick with it.

Blue Dragon Demo (360)

I've been dying to play Blue Dragon for quite a while, and now that I finally have, I'm even more anxious for the game to hit our shores at the end of August. In case you're not familiar, Blue Dragon is the first title from Hironobu Sakaguichi's Mistwalker Studios. Together with acclaimed artist Akira Toriyama and world-renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu, Sakaguichi has put together the first authentic blockbuster JRPG for the Xbox 360.

The demo features two different dungeons, each with a one hour time limit. Through both, you'll be able to experience a hefty amount of the combat engine, some story sequences, and get a general feel for the game. I quite enjoy the traditional battle system, as the timing elements add just the right amount of action to the otherwise menu-driven affair, and the graphics look great. For a 1GB demo, Blue Dragon offers a huge amount of gameplay, and will be the perfect play-test for those on the fence.

Killzone 2 (PS3) (Gametrailers link)

It was a close call between this and the Assassin's Creed trailer, but what tipped it for Killzone was the fact that Assassin's Creed is pretty much a known quantity in terms of graphics, and Killzone 2 had a lot to prove after the allegations of pre-rendering and the whole talk of "target footage." Luckily, the trailer looks great, and at every step Sony was sure to show someone playing it at E3 to make sure we knew this was real-time, in-game stuff. Does it look better than Gears? I'll let the masses fight that out. What I do know is that it looks amazing, and I'm chomping at the bit to play. Which is really the whole point of a trailer, right?

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