Watch news and earn at the same time

Well, I love to watch news. Who doesn't? OK, straight to the point. Do you have a website or a blog? Are you looking out for ways to monetize it? There is a good news for you.

TheNewsRoom is a site that has thousands of legal news feeds from all over the world. They run an Advertisement based business model. They have decided to share their revenue with bloggers and website owners. The idea is simple. Just place their embedded video player in your blog or site and get paid when people see it.

Look at the screenshot below to know how the video player looks:

The good news about this service is that, you get paid on a CPM basis against 'CTR' (leave a comment if you are confused about CTR and CPM). The CPM starts at $1

What are the Advantages?

1. You can put relevent news, that matches your niche on your site / blog. You have 1000 + news feeds to select from. Fully customizable.

3. Work around is very easy and simple. Just paste the code.

4. All the feeds are licensed. All fees are from industry leaders like AP, Reuters, AFP among others.

How do you earn?

As I said earlier, TheNewsRoom earns by Advertisements shown on the video. They are sharing the Advertisement revenue with bloggers and website owners. This viral payment model can earn you upto $4 per thousand impression. (Payment Chart can be found here: Wait. This is not it. There is another way to earn. When someone clicks (they call it mashing) from your site and if that is viewed by people, you earn. We have seen many affiliate programs like this one. But they all stick to $0.15 to the maximum. Top of all these, all registrants have chance to win prizes ranging from Digital Cameras to Laptops to Cars!!

Click here to start:

The News Room
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ancient clown said...


No offence to you, but it's my experience and observation that the media doesn't 'Report the TRUTH' but only 'Makes the NEWS'.
Especially where George BUSH and friends are concerned.
your humble servant,
ancient clown