Why do men have nipples?

Men have nipples, too.

Enough with the female celebrity nipple news. It’s time to make nipples respectable again. What did they ever do to you? Seriously, aren’t we sick of starlet slip-ups yet? News flash: we all have nipples!

Nipples: It’s About Science, People

The reason men have nipples is because our lactiferous ducts develop before testosterone enters the fetal picture. (Yes, we all start as females.) In fact, male mammary tissue can be stimulated to lactate. In Aka culture of Africa - reportedly home of the best fathers on earth - the dads frequently suckle their babies while mom goes off to hunt.

Nipples are not the only thing men and women have in common. Men also possess a “leftover” uterus. It hangs off the prostate gland. We have a lot of useless body parts leftover from previous adventures in evolution. Wisdom teeth, the coccyx, the appendix, and in fact, body hair are all unnecessary remnants of our evolutionary past. Who knows what we’ll look like a few million years from now!

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