A wooden computer?

It looks as if the green race towards a more environmentally-friendly computer system took the United Kingdom by surprise. Or at the very least, one such model of green computing surely changed the world view about natural materials and their role inside a computer. A computer system vendor and parts retailer, PC World from United Kingdom, recently designed a system that uses a wooden case for monitor, keyboard and mouse and in the rest it uses recycled materials in order to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. Most of the "carbon buster" PC, as it is now called, is made from recycled aluminum, steel and plastics, with an external power supply and lots of ventilation holes that eliminate the need for active cooling measures.

Dixon Stores Group International said this PC needs only 45 watts of power, about 23 percent of the power needed by a conventional computer (an average of 200W or more depending on hardware and software configuration) and that without sacrificing performance, as it has the capability to run Microsoft Windows Vista. This was met with a dose of criticism as Vista is a resource-hungry operating system and a Green Party spokesperson, cited by the news site ComputerWorld, said: "Vista requires more expensive and energy-hungry hardware, passing the cost on to consumers and the environment."

Apart from the wooden computer, DSGI has a number of other computer systems graded "Energy Saving Recommended" by the Energy Saving Trust that is encouraging the use of recycled materials. John Clare, DSGi's chief executive was cited by ComputerWorld saying: "Electronic devices form a key part of our lives, and as the number of electronic appliances we own increase, DSGi works actively to off-set the trend of increased domestic energy consumption. I believe that it is critical that DSGi maintains its position as being actively engaged in this area. As a business we are now more effectively showcasing the good work that has already been done and the progress the business has made."

"Making progress on the green agenda is rightly the responsibility of all of us. There are numerous ECO-friendly initiatives each one of us can take that will have a positive impact of the environment, and maybe the easiest would be to flick or unplug the electronic device when it is not in use. We also recommend consumers to buy Energy Saving Recommended appliances, such as AA-rated white goods. This is not just beneficial for the environment, it can also help reduce customers energy bills", he added.

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