Sony Errisson W960i

Its been month since i bought my new Sony Ericsson W960i. I have played with every function it has. And the phone is just fantastic. Sony Ericsson has thought of everything and been able to fit all the gadgetry in to such a slim and magnificant little phone. The very texture and feel of the phone is so smooth. The touch screen works perfectly and is almost flawless in appearance. The clarity of both the front camera and also the the back camera is just excellent. This is definately the closest you can get to having an iPhone, but wait, why even compare it it to an iPhone because the W960i is in a class of its own. Certainly the best walkman phone in the Sony Ericsson walkman series.

Sony Errisson W960i Sony Errisson W960i Reviewed by Bobby on 2:31 AM Rating: 5

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