3rd Wife at 100? WTF?

3rd wife at 100!

Ready for the fourth, Inshallah

A substantial age difference of over 80 years did not prevent a man from fulfilling his dream of having a third wife.
Ahmed Ateeq Al Hariri Al Zahrani, aged over 100, married a 26-year-old after the death of his two wives, The Saudi Gazette reports.
When Al Zahrani decided to marry the girl, he faced no opposition from the bride-to-be or any member of his family.
“We didn’t oppose dad’s marriage. We agreed to his marriage and we wish him happiness for the rest of his life,” Al Zahrani’s oldest son, Abdul Rahman, said.
The guest list included Al Zahrani’s sons and grandchildren and great grandchildren totalling 120, some friends and relatives.
Asked he would marry a fourth time, Al Zahrani said, “I wish that but everything is in Allah’s hands.”

Source: Bahrain Tribune

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