40+ ways to access your computer remotely

Here is a post i found in Mashable.com which has a list of 40 ways you can access your computer remotely. Hope you guys like it as much as I did. Enjoy guys!!


  • Ajax VNC - Clientless VNC solution in the web’s favorite programming language.
  • Apple Remote Desktop - Apple’s jumped on the remote desktop bandwagon with this great VNC server built right into OS X.
  • Chicken of the VNC - One of the most popular VNC clients for OS X under the GPL.
  • DirectVNC - UNIX client using the framebuffer device via DirectFB.
  • FVNC - Great VNC client written in Flash. That’s right, Flash.
  • MetaVNC - This unique client/server package merges the host and remote desktops together into one Windows or Linux desktop.
  • .NET VNC Viewer - C# viewer that works with Windows and Windows Mobile/CE devices.
  • PowerVNC - Java-based client with support for SSH and SFTP.
  • RealVNC - Server/client from the original VNC developers.
  • sVNC - The perfect tool for offering remote assistance to Mac users, since there’s barely any configuring required.
  • SymVNC - Symbian phone client for connecting to your PC.
  • TightVNC - Popular VNC server/client with nice Java applet.
  • TurboVNC - TightVNC spinoff with great support for 3D apps.
  • UltraVNC - Wildly popular client/server app with file transfer, video drivers, chat, and much more.
  • Vine Server - OS X server with clipboard sharing, port changing, and a universal binary.
  • VncViewer for 8086 - Got an old IBM running FreeDOS or DOS? Put it to work with this VNC client.
  • VNCViewer for PocketPC - Client for, you guessed it, PocketPC users.
  • x11vnc - Unlike most other VNC servers for UNIX and Linux, this server lets you share your current desktop session (instead of a separate session).


    NoMachine NX Client

Remote Desktop Protocol

  • CoRD - Remote desktop client for Mac OS X users.
  • grdestkop - Gnome wrapper for the rdesktop application.
  • krdesktop - rdesktop frontend written in KDE.
  • properJavaRDP - Cross-platform Java client based on rdesktop.
  • rdesktop - Extremely powerful command-line client for UNIX/Linux.
  • Remote Desktop - Microsoft’s official server, for XP Pro and Vista.
  • xrdp - Serves an X window session to incoming Windows clients.




  • CrossLoop - Easy-to-use remote access utility with file sharing and a multilingual interface.
  • GoToMyPC - Extremely popular remote access program for ~$25/month.
  • LogMeIn - Remote access app with a free and a pro ($12.95/month) version with file transfer, remote printing, and more.
  • Unyte - Nice remote desktop server with a Java applet viewer and IM integration.
Source: Mashable
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