New Cure for Aids

A BAHRAIN professor has already patented what he claims to be a potential miracle cure for Aids and cancer and shared the knowledge with a global research centre headquartered in the US.Dr Moiz Bakhiet yesterday gave hope to millions of patients around the globe with the announcement that he had discovered a "hidden" gene that could be used to enhance the body's immune system.
The professor of immunology and senior consultant neurologist at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) says the gene is hidden in the spleen and can be activated with the help of a drug.
"This molecule can then be used to simulate a suppressed immune system in such a way that it would get it acting against some deadly immunosuppressed and immunocompromised conditions like Aids and cancer, as well as in treating arthritis, respiratory, kidney and liver diseases," he told a Press conference at AGU, Salmaniya, yesterday.
The discovery was made on February 28 last year, but according to the rules of the UK Patent Office, it cannot be declared for one year, Dr Bakhiet told the GDN.
It has now been patented internationally by the European Patent Office, Germany, and is part of a Patent Co-operation Treaty.
Nobody else will be able to work on the miracle cure commercially, said Dr Bakhiet.
However, the gene has been included at the National Centre of Biotechnology Information's gene bank in Maryland, US, for researchers around the world to study.
Dr Bakhiet said he and his team at the Princess Al Jawhara Centre for Molecular Medicine, Genetics and Inherited Diseases - in AGU's College of Medicine and Medical Sciences - had already concluded successful experiments on mice with "extremely satisfying results".
A paper on the discovery, nicknamed ISRAA (Immune System Release Activating Agent), is now being prepared for publication in a leading scientific journal.
While the gene could potentially be used to boost the body's immune system to battle Aids and cancer, it is thought the causes for it being naturally suppressed could be used to treat conditions related to an over-stimulated immune system, which leads to conditions like arthritis, respiratory complaints, kidney and liver disease.

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