Worlds Largest Easter Egg in Lisbon

A giant decorated Easter egg on display at a Portuguese outlet shopping center recieves Guinness record certificate as the largest in the world.


A 14.91 metre-high egg on display at a shopping outlet near Lisbon has set a Guinnes record as the world's largest Easter egg. "We have received a certificate from Guiness indicating that we have the biggest decorated Easter egg in the world," the outlet's director Nuno Oliveira who was responsible of the construction told Reuters.

The egg is made of plastic and it took six weeks for workers hired by the outlet center to build it. Hundreds of smaller eggs decorated by children from nearby schools, are also on display at the same site, fifty kilometres south of Lisbon.

The previous record holder was an 8.3 metre-high egg from Austria.

The egg will be on display until March 31

Source: mpelembe

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