6 cool computer games

A list of cool internet games that you probably wouldn't play without seeing them here.

You go on the internet and you see games that are of interest to you, but there is only one problem. The game either requires you to download it, sign up by adding your email address and other personal information, or paying for it. I don't like to do any of the above so when I'm browsing search engines online for games I pick some rather weird games that are strange, yet very fun. Here are seven of my favorite computer games that don't require any personal information, money, or downloads to play.

  1. Avoider

    Avoider is not written in the English language, but you don't need to read the words on the game. Simply click the first word in the middle of the game screen to start. What you do is you move your computer mouse around to keep away from the little pink guy. He will jump across the screen and use some weapons. It sounds strange, but it is strangely addicting. I can get about 1,000 points.
  2. Press the Spacebar

    Press the Spacebar is exactly as it sounds. Simply press the spacebar key on your keyboard as many times as you can in the amount of time you are given. It's weird, but it can get addicting. If you go for the longest amount of time you will get surprisingly tired from it. My best is about 60 times in the five seconds.
  3. Alphabet Game

    The Alphabet Game is a test of your typing speed. You have to type every letter in the alphabet as fast as you can in order. You can make as many mistakes as you need, it just doesn't let you move on until you hit the letter. You will slowly get better at the game, however I don't think it in any way relates to your real words per minute speed. My best time was 5 seconds.
  4. The Idiot Test

    The Idiot Test is surprisingly an extremely popular game. The screen tells your something to do and you move up levels by clicking on certain things. It's rather addicting after you keep failing the same parts over and over. I cannot tell you exactly “how smart” it told me I was, but I do know that it was when you were told like three blues, four reds, two greens ect. and the list got to big to remember.
  5. Rag Doll

    Rag Doll isn't technically a game as there is no objective. You simply watch a rag doll fall and hit balls and roll off and keep falling. You can grab control of the doll and throw it around. This is more of something you have to look at to fully grasp what I am talking about. I spent at least thirty minutes playing with this.
  6. Home Run

    Home Run is one of the strangest items on the list. You control an extremely drunk man as he walks forward. You use your mouse to keep him balanced. If he falls one way you have to make him lean the other direction. It gets harder as it goes on. I can get to about 80 feet before I fail.

I'll bet you didn't beat my high scores. After you play these long enough I admit some of them might get boring, but that's when you simply switch to a new game. Since you entered no personal information, paid no money, and downloaded nothing you're free to switch games as often as you like.

Source: Gameolosophy

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