Infamous Movie Blunders

· In the film, 'Titanic', when Jack walks through the french doors for dinner with Rose and her family, a camera man's reflection can be seen on the glass.

· During one scene in 'The Sound of Music', an orange box can be clearly seen stamped with the words 'Produce of Israel'. The film was set in 1938, ten years before Israel was founded.

· Some of the chariot racers in 'Ben Hur' were seen to be wearing wristwatches.

· In the 1985 movie, 'Falling in Love', a reflection of the camera can be seen in a mirror.

· Esteemed actor Richard Harris was seen wearing an elastoplast on his neck when playing King Arthur in the film 'Camelot'.

· Edward G Robinson's character in 'The Last Gangster' gets sent to Alcatraz in 1927. This was probably not as bad a sentence as you might imagine since the prison wasn't opened there until 1934.

· In one scene from this movie a young boy who is nothing to do with the film is scene moving across the set. Later, when this was discovered, no-one knew who he was and rumours started to spread about a possible haunting.

· Television ariels can clearly be seen on the roofs of Victorian London in the comedy, 'The Wrong Box'.

· A red London bus can be seen in the background of one of the battle scenes from the Arthurian legend film, 'Excalibur'.

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