Facebook Security Flaw

I am not sure if people at Facebook know about this flaw in their security settings. What I am trying to say is that, even though you might set the access level and restrict who can view your Albums, people who are not on your friends list or even people who you dont want might still be able to see some of the Albums. Now you may ask how is this possible, well, what I have noticed is that, in your daily news feeds, where you see what all your friends have been up to during the day, if anyone of your friends made a comment or even tagged someone you know in one of the the photos which you dont have access to, you can click on that photo, which will take you to that particular album which contains that particular photo. And by doing this, you can see all the photos in that particular album. Ofcourse, you will not be able to see any other albums other than that or the full profile of that person. I feel this is a serious flaw in Facebook and the developers at facebook should rectify this as soon as possible.
Feel free to add any comments or situations that you might have noticed this flaw.
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