How to make a Mould

Latex mold making compound.

Latex mold making compound costs around $10 for a pint, and you can find it at most any craft or model railroad shop. It's mostly used to make rock texture molds for model railroads. It's fairly cheap, it cleans up with water, and you don't have to use a lot to make tall skinny items like statues.

The main disadvantage is it takes you forever to make a mold. I don't reccommed this stuff, but I thought you should at least see what it's like.

1. I'm going to make a mold of this caulking tube spout. These will end up being spikes for the top of a tower. I've glued the spout down to a piece of plexiglass to make it easier to handle.

This material is faily thick, about the consistency of catsup. They make it thick so it takes fewer coats to cover an object.

2. Thin the material down with water until it's the consistency of heavy cream. Paint the material over your object and remove any air bubbles that form on the surface by blowing on it.
3. Let the first coat dry completely (about 4 hrs). The second coat is full strength. You should put at least 4 coats (letting it dry completely between coats) for a complete mold.

When finished, peel off the coat of rubber. Because of the drying time, it will take around 2 days to make a mold.

4. One problem with this type of mold is how you hold it upright to cast items with it (I used Legos).

When casting items, you may have to coat the inside of the mold with mold release compound occasionally. Overall, I don't like using latex material.

Source: Hirstarts
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