Bahrain's Thirst Quenchers

Learn first-hand about their working conditions

Indian Club Bahrain summer camp children aged 5-15 years distributed caps and water bottles to labourers at construction sites in Juffair, Bahrain.
They also found out first-hand the conditions the labourers work in.
“We organised visits to various sites for 273 children who interacted with workers. Many workers were moved and we could see tears in the eyes of the older men who said they were reminded of their children back home,” club general secretary Ulhas Karnavar told the Tribune.
Children distributed around 750 water bottles and 500 caps between 11am and 12noon on Saturday. With the maximum temperature hovering over 44 degrees Celsius and the sun beating down mercilessly on them, the workers welcomed the bottles and caps, donated by Nonoo Exchange.
Ulhas said the field trip aimed to instil in children a sense of appreciation for the men who work hard to build the homes they live in. “Summer camps are always associated with fun events. We thought let’s also make it an educational and memorable one.”
Fifteen volunteers accompanied the children at the construction sites. A safety inspector kept an eye on children to ensure that they did not venture into areas that were not safe. The club also provided transportation.
On the same day, a group of about 30 people was also out distributing water bottles and Fanta Citrus to workers in Juffair. The group comprising as young as five-year-olds and 60 plus members of different nationalities began the weekly campaign on July 19.
They raised money from among themselves and purchased water bottles and soft drinks. The group distributed nearly 5,000 drinks to workers all over Bahrain on two Saturdays.
“Anyone interested in joining us can send an email to We will inform them where we will meet for our next campaign which is held every Saturday,” an organiser said.
The drive has been backed by Coca Cola which provided 3,000 cans of Fanta Citrus and caps and offered discount on water bottles and beverages purchased for the event.
The company also lent 38 cooler boxes to carry water and beverages for distribution.
National Evangelical Church pastor, Reverend Richard Westra, donated BD200 to purchase water bottles. The group aims to continue the drive until the end of summer.
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