Obama's Victory

What does this all mean to the rest of the world? Is the new head of the super power going to be anything different from all the past leaders? We all know that Obama's win was history in the making. But will a black president be any different from a white president? This is the true reality what everyone is waiting to see once he takes oath.
The world wants change, the question is will Obama give it to the world? Let's wait and find out. But all in all, this truly will go down in history as one of the greatest events of this century. Who would have ever imagined America to have a black president 100 years ago? It would have been considered next to impossible. But, here we are, and the impossible has just become possible. I cheer on his victory and hope good things will come out of this. What will it be from a black mans point of view?
Joy to the world, a new leader as arrived, one that promises change.

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