Swine Flu - The Unknown Story

As with any cases of diseases spreading through out the world today, Swine flu is yet another Corporate mastermind. Genetically engineered to spread among people in the form of a normal flu with fatal consequences if not taken care of. The following written by Julie S. describes the varieties of Flu and its short history.

There are three main types of the flu or influenza - type A, type B, and type C. There are also several flus that were named - Swine Flu, Spanish Flu, Hong Kong Flu and Asian Flu.

The flu virus was first discovered in the 1930s - over 10 years after the Spanish Flu killed over 50 million people. As doctors learned more about the virus, it was categorized into three groups.

Type A
Most forms of the influenza virus are type A. These cause the most epidemics.

Type B
Type B influenza virusses tend to cause milder symptoms than type A.

Type C
Type C virusses tend to be mild and have not yet caused any epidemics.

There are hundreds of different variations of flu virusses, and more mutate each year. Virusses change in two ways - quickly or slowly. The normal, slow change is an antigenic drift - the virus drifts slowly into a new form. The quick way is called an antigenic shift which is more rare, when a virus just suddenly takes on a new form.

When a given mutation becomes extremely common and causes numerous deaths, it is often given a name. In the US, the Asian Flu in 1957-8 killed 70,000 people. The Hong Kong flu in 1968 killed 34,000 people.

In current times, around 36,000 people die each year in the US from the flu.

Source: Bella Online

This all is nothing but money making scandals brought on by the medical industries most powerful firms. Release a genetically engineered flu in to the public, people go crazy and then these medical powers will bring out the vaccine which probably have been created at the same time as the flu was created. The result is more business for the company. This might make you wonder, what if there was a cure for every single flu, disease, or abnormalities? What if there was a chance for all people to e perfectly healthy. What will the corporate medical companies gain if there was no sick people in the world. Well, nothing. This is exactly why there is no cure for everything, well, at least that's what we public think. But then, huge money making companies will not release such cures or medicines to the general public for the fear that if no one is sick, then how will they make their money? Hmmmm.... now isnt that something to think about?
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