Dream PCs

28.3GHZ worth of CPUs, 10GB of RAM, 3.5GB of graphics RAM, 3.7TB of hard disk space, 3.7KW of power ... it can only mean one thing, this year's six dream PCs have arrived

Real Machines RX Alpha

Manufacturer: Real Machines
Price: £4524
Rating: 3/6

SavRow Deuterium D2X:SLi

Manufacturer: SavRow
Price: £5581.6
Rating: 4/6

Holly SLI Venom Extreme

Manufacturer: Holly Computers
Price: £4750
Rating: 5/6

Alienware Aurora ALX

Manufacturer: Alienware
Price: £4879
Rating: 5/6

Voodoo PC OMEN Extreme Gamer AMD X2

Manufacturer: Voodoo PC
Price: £5400
Rating: 5/6

Armari Gravistar CoolFlow-X2

Manufacturer: Armari
Price: £4995
Rating: 6/6

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