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Yes, we've all heard of youtube and it's success, and we've even seen it get gobbled up by the big giant. Now that we've enjoyed those classic moments of watching full movies on youtube we sit here and watch as our number one site for piracy goes down the drain. So fello pirates, what is there to look forward to? LOTS! Infact, the general idea of streaming video content sparked a lot of innovative ways to deliver both legal and illegal content to the general public using internet. Today I use a combination of Joost to get my National Geographic Fix, and TVUPlayer to get my bradcasting of Nick, Cartoon Network, G4TechTV just to name a few. So call your cable providor, cancel your subscriptions and save your money! Interested to know more... read on!

On Demand
On demand broadcasting is typicly like having a TiVO installed in your computer. You choose what you want when you want to watch its that plain and simple. In its own way, its like IPTV-- the only difrence is that the majority of the content in this particular case is Network Broadcasting such as Aljazeera, National Geographics, etc...

1. Joost [Screenshot]
2. Babbelgum [Screenshot]
3. MyTVPal [Screenshot]
4. Zattoo [Screenshot]

Local & Network TV Streaming (P2P TV)
P2P TV has come a long way... but, to explain what this is, its simply like using your computer as a cable box. People nice enough to share and broadcast their TV to your computer lets you choose from a variety of difrent channels or 'user broadcasted' contents this p2p topography has to offer.

1. TVAnts
2. UUSee (Website)
3. TVUPlayer
4. PPLive
5. PPStream

Web Streamed Content
Title says it all, this is basicly a youtube clone or what ever you use to use back in the day. Its web based so you don't need to install anything (Except maybe a browser, or a plugin for that matter).

1. Episodenetwork
2. ChannelChooser
3. FreeTube
4. Don't Watch Me
5. TVLinks
6. PeekVid
7. TV Video
8. Choose and Watch
9. Joox
10. ShareTV
11. SideReel
13. Quick SilverScreen

These are just my personal recomendation, there are hundreds if not THOUSANDS of others out there waiting to be the next youtube. Theres a full list of online video service at

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