Harry Potter Mania

Harry Potter is one brand that surely gets interest from all media sources be it TV, radio, print so how can Internet be far behind.

Here is how the potter mania is catching on..

Zapak.com which recently launched maxim channel on zapak.tv has just launched an exclusive Harry potter zone! (finally they are starting to realise that they cant show bikini clad maxim models to 10-12 year old gaming kids.). This zone will have the usual wallpapers and trailers along with a game called "Dolores Umbridge's Cats".

Harry potter

This strategy by zapak to get exclusive content and games on current hot movies and topics is a good one but they need to get their positioning right by making sure they are not pushing everything and anything under the zapak brand which is also mentioned in an earlier article.

AOL India also seems to be in the race to leverage the popularity of the young wizard. AOL India in association with Warner brothers has launched this Potter Zone on their site where one can again see trailers, read synopsis, play games and read facts about Mr.Potter.

Seems like the potter mania is in full force on the internet and it will only grow i guess as both potter mania and internet reach are growing!

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