Turn photos into movies using Walmart Movie Maker

walmart movie makerWalmart has just launched a Mini Movie software that converts your still digital pictures into very impressive movies with music soundtracks and Hollywood style image posters - it's like a decent mix of Microsoft Photostory, Windows MovieMaker and Muvee Autoproducer.

Took me less than a minute to create this video - Incredible Family [the movie poster above was automatically generated by the software using one of the photographs.]

Mini Movie is a web based service though you need to download a storyboard software to select pictures and the theme of your movie - the movie theme could be a vaction, wedding, family outing and more. (check the screenshot below)

Once a theme is chosen, you have to select six pictures from your hard-drive, and give a title to your movie. It will become immediately available on the Walmart photo center for viewing online or sharing with friends. There's however no option to embed your personal mini movies on web pages.

convert pictures into movies

Going forward, Wal-Mart will launch this in all their stores allowing customers to create DVD movies from their personal pictures using Fuji kiosks.

Walmart Mini Movie | Download Mini Movie [You can also pick the Movie Maker software CD for free from any any Wal-Mart Photo Center.]

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