The Worlds Smallest PCs

PCs come in all shapes and sizes. The larger they are, the more performance they tend to offer, and that's the metric that drives a market still ruled by Moore's law and its myriad derivatives. There's a certain appeal to small systems, however -- especially if you go the DIY route, proving once again that even if small can't quite run World of Warcraft, it sure can be beautiful.

Left: picotux

Picotux doesn't do sexy. Picotux doesn't do games. Picotux doesn't do much of anything. What picotux does do is be a truly minuscule computer, not much larger than the ethernet jack that brackets it. An inch long and only 19 mm wide and deep, the ARM-powered little winder has 8 MB of RAM, 100 Mbit ethernet and a 55-MHz CPU. It runs uClinux and makes a wonderful web server.

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