.DO: not just a file extension

File Extension DO is not any ordinary type of file extension that you all might think it is. It is rather or more like an application on its own. Actually there are seven other file types with the .DO extension name like the disk image file, Microsim PCboard file, modelsim script file etc. This is a web-based program run by a server used for generating web pages.

The contents can be edited by a JSP web developer where the results can be viewed on any browser. One major thing you should be aware of is that it cannot be open with another aplication like how text dosuments can. One major advantage of thie type of file extension is that you can use any type of web browser to open this type of file. If at all you find that windows is unable to open this type of extension, then either you do not have the right program or there are some registry errors in you system. More important information at http://FILEEXTENSIONDO.COM

Oracle uses .DO files to dynamically make an HTML page and some webinar may generate that are formatted as .VCS files. Changing the extension to .vcs may allow them to be imported in to various schecule programs.

You can always use a regestry scanner to check your computer for File Extension DO errors. For more information please visit http://FILEEXTENSIONDO.COM
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