The world as i see it

The world can be a much better place to live in than how it is in the present. Among us we have a variety of characters. People have grown to be materialistic. This has lead to a world where the powerful and the rich control how we live. Though we dont know it, we are all in this sphere of control. Neither can we get out of it nor can we do anything about it. Just accept the fact and live along. Thats what I feel best suited for our role in todays society. What if the world as we know it today is different from how it should be? Lets look at a fe examples how how corrupt our world is:

  1. What if there was a cure to every illness in the world? What would happen if everyone in this world are cured of their deceases. Well, the biggest disapointment is that the pharmacutical industry will run out of business, The doctors will be sitting hatching eggs and everything, plus the doctors will be completely jobless. This is why no cures for every ilness is never found.
  2. What if every kind of technology already existed. But if they showed the lates to computers to everyone, what money will they make. They must have already invented Pentium XX. But they cant market or sell. The simple reason being, if he sells this for a highter price how will he make his profit. So he will go ahead and makePentium 3, 4 5, 6, 7 etc and people will be already buying this. so by the time they reach Pentium 6 they would have already made so much profit by selling the older while the new one will be
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