The Adam Kidnap Ordeal

FAMILY and friends of a 10-year-old boy, allegedly abducted in Qatar over a month ago, launched a campaign yesterday (Nov 8) demanding his return.

Briton Adam Jones was reportedly kidnapped by family members of his late Qatari father on October 3, during a visit to the country with his mother Rebecca.

Rebecca's second husband and boy's stepfather, Barrie Jones, returned to Bahrain on Saturday (Nov 7), vowing to spearhead a campaign to reunite the devastated family.

He said he was overwhelmed with the support the family had already received from the Bahraini community.

"At the moment it's so hectic trying to consolidate all the information that people have been giving us, but I've got to say the reaction has been incredible," Mr Jones told the GDN yesterday.

"What's been really surprising is how many people are aware of what's happened to Adam, it hopefully will make a big difference."

He said that he would be holding a meeting today (Nov 9) with around 40 parents and concerned individuals to plan where the campaign will go next, adding that it all seems very positive.

"People have set up a Facebook group, there's a march being planned to the Qatari embassy and there are so many more things in the pipeline - it's incredible," said Mr Jones.

He said that Adam's case had already attracted international media attention, including the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Mr Jones said he felt that as the campaign gained momentum it would put increased pressure on the British Embassy and the British Foreign Commonwealth Office to intervene in the case.

Speaking from Qatar, Mrs Jones thanked the Bahraini community for their efforts,

She said that Adam would be delighted with the numerous kind comments that the family had received

"I'd like to thank all the people that have shown their support and it's been really amazing and quite overwhelming what people have done," she told the GDN.

"It's touching what people have said about Adam and he'd be so happy to hear that.

"On behalf of him and our entire family, we'd like to thank all of those people who are standing beside us."

The campaign for Adam's release gathered momentum yesterday outside St Christopher's Junior Schoolm in Saar, where Adam attends.

Over 100 T-shirts sporting the phrase 'Let's bring Adam back home' were passed out parents of fellow students, while leaflets with recent GDN articles on the case were distributed to parents picking up their children from school.

Christina Fantechi, one of five mothers involved in organising yesterday's campaign, said that there were many parents who wanted to let the Jones family know they were fully behind the cause and would do whatever possible to aid them in their struggle.

"The Jones family are my neighbours and good friends, my son Lorenzo is very close to Adam and of course we are all shocked by what has happened," she said.

"We had the idea of just going to the school and distributing t-shirts and asking parents to wear them whenever they leave the house.

"We know some people may be unaware of the situation, and if this helps Adam's cause then it will be worth it."

Mrs Fantechi said that the parents were planning further campaigns if yesterday's proved successful, although only if it will favour Adam's case in the long run.

"This week is crucial in his case and he needs all possible help," she said.

"The whole situation seems incredible and we will carry on with our campaigning as long as it is necessary.

"We are not sure what further steps we will take, but we will have to sit down and discuss them - we do not want to damage Adam's case."

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