Adam, the story continues...

A 10-year-old boy is

being kept away from his mother, after being tricked into leaving her to visit his supposedly sick grandmother.

The misery that Adam Jones will be going through is unimaginable and I should think that he is very frightened.

The people who have done this will no doubt claim they love him and that what they are doing is for his own good.

Adam is the Bahrain-born and raised British boy who was allegedly kidnapped in Doha after his mother Rebecca was duped into taking him to visit relatives of his late Qatari father.

The couple had divorced and each remarried before the father was killed in a motorcycle accident four years ago.

Up to that point it appears the father was content that Adam should grow up with his mother in Bahrain and visited him here regularly.

But now Adam has been taken by other relatives, plunging his mother into agonising trauma and no doubt putting him under enormous emotional stress.

So it seems untenable that a court in Doha, where the grandmother has filed for full custody, should not act instantly to reunite mother and child, if only for a brief meeting.

It is most likely that Adam is being lied to by those holding him, perhaps even being told that his mother no longer wants him - which would be as cruel as the abduction itself.

How frustrating it must be for Mrs Jones that her first step towards getting Adam back must be an appeal for temporary custody, while the court decides who should keep him long term.

There should be no decision to make. She is his birth mother and his natural father is dead. There is no-one else he should be with other than his mother.

I can only hope that the grandmother comes to her senses, puts her own selfish needs to one side and hands Adam back to his mother, before this court case drags on too long.

It must be very hard for her, since she lost her son and, to some extent her grandson, but her own pain does not justify destroying a family and possibly ruining an innocent child's life.

To give him back without a fight would be an unselfish act for which he may one day come to love her.

Hopefully, all parties will eventually forgive each other and come to an agreement under which Adam has the best of both worlds - the loving home his mother and stepfather have created for him and a grandmother to visit
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